Metabolic Testing and Body Composition

Know Your Numbers 

Are you a seasoned endurance athlete looking to take your performance to the next level?

Discover your unique heart rate training zones, your fuel utilization at various intensity levels, and how many calories you should consume to achieve your ideal body composition.

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking to optimize your body composition and increase your energy level?

Tune into your metabolism with a targeted daily calorie recommendation based on your physiology and train using precise intensity zones that will leave you feeling energetic, not drained.

Are you a beginning runner looking to complete your first 5K?

Avoid the common pitfalls of training that can lead to injury and lackluster performance with a balanced training and nutrition program based on your unique physiology.

VO2 and Anaerobic Threshold Testing

An aerobic fitness test (or VO2 test) will give you precise heart rate training zones to ensure you are working in the optimal training range when doing your cardio workouts.  You will learn your Anaerobic Threshold (A.T.), which is the point at which your body starts to accumulate fatigue, and how to increase your A.T., whether your goal is to improve performance or lose weight.

Testing fee: $150 (includes a 4 week cardio training plan)

Ultrasound Body Composition

What if you could actually see your fat loss and muscle gain?

We offer state of the art technology for tracking your body composition that combines using a hand-held ultrasound wand with innovative software to accurately and consistently assess your body composition.

No embarrassing grabbing or pinching is necessary to administer this test.

Testing fee: $60 (or $25 when combined with a Metabolic Test)

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) 

Your RMR is the total number of calories a person burns at rest to sustain the body’s basic functions such as heartbeat, kidney, liver, and brain function. Metabolism is the process of converting food into heat or energy. Believe it or not, your breath contains information on your unique metabolism. Since oxygen is used to create energy, your RMR can be determined by measuring how much oxygen you consume at rest.

By testing your RMR you will:

  • Discover your unique resting metabolic rate in just 20 minutes
  • Receive a recommended calorie range for weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance
  • Compare your RMR to others your own age, gender, height and weight (learn whether your RMR is fast, slow, or normal)
  • Choose a goal weight and determine you how long it will take to reach your goal
  • Dial in your target calorie goal for athletic performance and recovery
  • Receive additional educational materials to aid you in reaching your goal

Testing Fee: $85 (includes consultation)

Happy Clients

“Having Cindy guide me through my VO2max testing procedure took my training to a new level. Being able to accurately dial in my heart rate zones laid the foundation for proper, safe training. Any coach will tell you the key to effective training lies in keeping your easy runs easy and the hard runs hard. By removing the guesswork my fitness and performance improved. I also learned where I need to keep my hr for maximum fat burning. I highly recommend VO2/Anaerobic Threshold testing for any runner looking to improve their performance.”

“Cindy, I wanted to share with you my race results today! I came to you for my VO2 test running long races at 11ish minute pace. Today I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k with a goal of 9:30 avg pace . . . I killed it!!! I have never felt like a strong runner but am feeling amazing, can run forever, and am getting faster. Training smarter, not harder really does work!”