Motivation is a key factor in reaching your health and fitness goals.

So you have finally put your foot down and decided to get into the best shape of your life—right off the bat your motivation was so strong that you would walk through a field of broken glass just to avoid a slice of pizza…but after just a few days that fiery motivation fizzles, sputters, and then goes out completely. If only motivation came in pill form. Don’t despair, read on for the 5 best ways to stay motivated.

#1 Set a Concrete Goal: The more specific your goal is, the better your chance of reaching it. Take a minute each day to visualize yourself achieving your goal. How does it feel? How do you look? Now go out and achieve it!

#2 Write it Down: Make a habit of writing down your progress in a notebook. If your goal is to lose weight, record your weight every few days. If you goal is to run a marathon, record your mileage every week.

#3 Have Some Fun: Find a physical activity that you enjoy doing. Maybe you have a flair for tennis or perhaps you prefer swimming or biking or jogging. The key here is to find something that you enjoy and look forward to doing. I enjoy taking my dog Fannie Mae for a run at the Trinity River – we have a blast and it’s all about fun!

#4 Something is Better than Nothing: On those inevitable days when simply getting out of bed is chore, don’t completely abandon your workout plans—just take them down a notch. Chances are that once you start exercising you will feel energized and finish the whole workout anyway!

#5 Find an Expert: The best way to reach your goals is to work with a Personal Trainer, such as yours truly! As your trainer, I will help you to set realistic goals and attain them using the most effective training methods in a fun, supportive environment.